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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Vicky Kaushal reflects on being rejected in 1000 auditions before making it big

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Vicky Kaushal reflects on being rejected in 1000 auditions before making it big

During an interview with Zoom TV, Bollywood actor Vicky Kaushal, who made his acting debut with 2012 film Luv Shuv The Chicken Khurana, opened up about facing rejection multiple times.

The 33-year-old shared, “When you start giving auditions, aapko pata chalta hai ki aap kitne paani mein ho (you realise where you stand). Because you are competing with hundreds and thousands of people who want the same job.”

He continued, “You go and stand in queues with hundreds of other actors. And actors who are very good actors and you’re sitting in rooms with some people who are doing a far better job than you…Sometimes, it kind of takes a toll on you and it really accentuates your insecurities and inferiorities. Then you have to keep surpassing that every day of your life till you get that job, you do good in that and then your confidence starts building up.”

The Raazi actor stated, “What people don’t realize is that if I’ve cracked 10 auditions, I’ve actually failed in 1,000 auditions. I got rejected in thousand auditions but I got selected in 10 but what is visible is only the 10 opportunities that I got, and sabko lagta hai ki arey yeh toh aasani se mil gaya (everyone thinks ‘he got it easily’).”

Kaushal concluded, “I had no option… I knew I don’t have any safety net and if I fall from here, it’s straight on the ground because I have nothing in the pedal. So having no plan B also gives you a lot of strength.”

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